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With the world struggling to deal with and handle the Coronavirus pandemic and the effects it has left in its wake, brands have been forced to rethink and adjust their communication and marketing strategies.


This has however fast-forwarded many businesses into using digital technology to reach their target audience. Brands need to be able to adapt and operate in a pandemic environment that maintains social distancing efforts, reduced business hours, and complete lockdowns.


Moving functions online

Brands need to move some communication functions online to keep in touch with their clients. This is expected with travel restrictions and lockdowns in place in most of the world. This would be the best time to revamp your website, introduce e-commerce where possible, chatbots, and open up new communication channels like webinars and e-mail marketing.

In addition to communication, automation of services where possible to serve a community that is stuck at home with time on their hands might be the difference between surviving and thriving during the pandemic. 


Be Visible

This is the best time to showcase your brand and engage with your audience. Do not sacrifice your marketing budget in cost-cutting efforts during the pandemic. If anything you need to market more aggressively. Ensure that your brand is visible on all relevant platforms.

Create or update your Google my business page, targeted Facebook and social media ads will place you right in front of your audience. This is not just a cost-effective strategy but impact can be measured using the analytics tools that come with these platforms.


Evaluate and revamp current marketing strategies

Revisiting and revising existing marketing and communication strategies will introduce you to new audiences and tap into new tools to take your brand to the next level. Create new innovative ways of connecting with new audiences. Researching through surveys and questionnaires, identifying needs, and engaging with the new audience that is online more than ever before will introduce your brand to a whole new market.

Appropriate branding and marketing campaigns will connect you to new potential even if they are currently not buying anything. This will also help you identify ways to serve your clients better. 


Establish strategic media partnerships

This is the right time to align yourself with individuals and brands that resonate with your brand. Integrating influencer marketing into your overall strategy will give you access to already existing audiences that these platforms already hold.

Selecting a partner or influencer with the right audience, a large online following, age group, and similar values will reflect a positive image of your brand and encourage new customers to try out your product.


Community  Marketing

With more consumers buying from and supporting brands that align with their values, every business needs to have community marketing as part of its strategy. To reap its long-term benefits, brands need to grow connections based on common values. Opening channels for dialogue and more personalized communication with your strongest supporters, loyalty programs create a shared identity and are a great customer retention strategy that will have long-term benefits to sales and revenue.



A well-researched and optimized marketing strategy can save your brand and not only help it survive but thrive in this new pandemic environment. Any of the tips above can be customized and curated to your business environment to ensure that you stay ahead of the trends and effects of the pandemic on businesses.


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