Gatefield – Muyi Partnership – Bringing Strategic Communication to East and West Africa

Two contemporary, impact-driven firms have come together in a partnership that will increase the footprint of their work. Gatefield, a Nigeria and Botswana-based advocacy and strategic communications firm, has partnered with Muyi Consulting Group, a Uganda-based strategic management consultancy that specializes in policy, communications, philanthropy, and technology.

These two firms have come together, bound by their commitment to contribute to social impact on the African continent as strategic partners. This collaboration will not only expand their geographical reach to East, West, and Southern Africa, but will also allow them to scale their operations by leveraging the vast talent pools of both companies.

The Gatefield and Muyi partnership will create more collaborative opportunities for the firms to identify challenges and opportunities within the spaces they work in. Both firms are intentional about working with organizations and individuals looking to change the lives of Africans in a positive way. Beyond the bottom line, social impact is at the heart of Gatefield and Muyi’s values and purpose. They are utilizing their expertise to support the work of Africans, thereby engineering positive change on the continent.

"Gatefield’s deep expertise in advocacy, behavioural change, and creative storytelling has led to several successful campaigns, including the passage of the sugar-sweetened beverage tax and the tobacco control regulations in Nigeria." Gatefield has delivered continental policy and regulatory projects and campaigns bordering on global development themes and social good priorities in more than 15 African countries. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Gatefield provided strategic support to the African CDC and sub-regional health authorities with investments from donors and private sector partners to increase compliance with public health and social measures on the continent. 

"Beyond Muyi’s East Africa presence, Gatefield will rely on Muyi’s strategic and philanthropic consulting expertise to deliver outcomes in the region,"

said Adewunmi Emoruwa,  Lead Strategist at Gatefield.

This partnership also brings together two firms that are specialized in strategic communication, storytelling, behavioral change communication among others. Gatefield’s roster of clients include the World Bank, AfDB, CTFK, USAID, Mercy Corps, Facebook, AFRICA CDC, GHAI, FCDO, Resolve to Save Lives, FES, United Nations Human Rights, MIT GOV/LAB, Vital Strategies, Global Rights, ECOWAS, BMGF and European Union.

 Muyi’s roster of clients include Meta, African Philanthropy Network, Sooo Many Stories, The Citizen report, The Graca Machel Trust, among others.

We look forward to the endless possibilities that this collaboration will have on the continent.

“Our partnership with Gatefield reaffirms our commitment to expand our footprint and amplify our impact. Africa is the fastest growing continent in the world and this partnershipgives us the opportunity to expand our operations into other markets in the region and serve our clients with grounded local context across East, West and Southern Africa.

Irene Ikomu, CEO, Muyi Consulting Group



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